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YAMATO CAD provides 3D CAD Drafting Service for Plant Engineering Industry. 

About US

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 YAMATO CAD was incorporated as the Drafting Service Division of Matsusho Corporation in 2018 and after the service of five years, we spined off in 2023.  We provide 3D CAD Drafting Outsourcing Service.

 Over 50 years of business experience as Matsusho Group, we provide our services with high quality and reliability that only YAMATO CAD can do.

 While we try to maintain and expand our sales by enhancing customers’ satisfaction through the introduction of competitive price but with high quality services from the view point of customers.


1.  Ground Plan Drawing (2D/3D)

2.  Side View Drawing (2D/3D)

3.  Support Drawing (2D/3D)

4.  Unit Drawing (2D/3D)

5.  Manufacturing Drawing

6.  Isometric Drawing

7.  Material List Making

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We comply with UPC2021 & Solvent Design Manual #802.


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#601, 2-2-3 Yamato Higashi, Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 242-0017, Japan


Company Profile

CEO: Makoto Matsuki

TEL: +81-45-228-5443

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